Sunday, March 31, 2013

Vrooom Vrooom

Is the need for speed genetic?  

Yes, the Little Chillies family are a little car crazy, in particular, for F1 motor sport.  With daddy Chilli a frequent amateur to the race track, one might argue 'for' the environmental influences that may play a part in their enjoyment of speedy cars.  I however, see a tiny green gremlin behind their eyes when the adrenaline is high and am convinced that it's part of their biological make up.

Amélie below, off for a drive wearing a perfectly comfortable and safe Motorsport outfit consisting of a Little Chillies 100% cotton knitted dress in grey melange and 100% organic cotton red striped stockings (almost in stock!).   Despite our years of patriotic Aussie supporting (go Webber!) Amélie is clearly batting for the wrong team below.

Disappointed, Oliver (18mths) too young to drive, had to watch from the side lines this time, with the green gremlin flickering behind those big blues.     

In actual fact, an Easter Sunday spent at Fun Fields Park in Whittlesea was a good source of fun and great for getting some adrenaline and energy out of the kids.  You can't go there expecting Disney Land or anything of the like, but for a brief moment of cheap thrills.   It's great for parents of young children, after a week of sleepless nights (care of molar teething and toilet runs), we had our first full nights sleep in a long time ;-)  Unfortunately, miserable weather meant that on Easter Sunday we didn't take the bathers and enjoy the water slides.  Saving that one up for our return on a warm summers day! 

Tip for those feeling the need to drive the dodgem cars, avoid the light blue car at all costs and go the black/navy car.......!  

Happy Easter!

LC Family

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