Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Boys Will Be Boys!

Boys, Dirt & the Great Outdoors.

I grew up with one of those hardcore rural Aussie type dads: falling somewhere between the Bush Tucker Man (Les Hiddens), Leyland Brothers (why can't I say it without singing the theme song!?), and with perfectly refined slang somewhat like Steve Irwin.  He loves the great outdoors, is an avid four wheel driver, travelling his own backyard, camping (the 'roughing it' way) and whether it be off an ocean jetty, on a peaceful sandbank of the Murray River, or from the shores of the rough ocean surf, he loves fishing.  It's been a very long time since camping with my dad, but in order to escape civilisation we decided to take the kids and briefly join him this year on his Christmas/New Year trip to 90 Mile Beach.    


OK mums of boys who say Little Chillies clothes are too nice to put on rough boys playing outside.....   we say let them look good while getting grubby  :-)    Routinely, my youngest Chilli (Ollie -15 months) sits at the back door and screams until he is let outside to play.   He simply loves being outside.   Perhaps it's in his genes, or perhaps he is just a boy.  Either way, we quickly discovered on our recent camping trip that he definitely LOVES playing in, and eating dirt......  Pictured below is Ollie wearing his name sake shirt - Oliver Linen Shirt -  Nickel. 

Fantastic Sea Shell Collection

Perfect summer day, searching through sea shells at 90 Mile Beach.  Amélie (& mummy) prefers beach sand over campsite dirt!  If you ever need to find a great collection of sea shells for art and craft, 90 Mile Beach has the most beautiful shells, we have quite a collection in the office now.   Below Amélie is wearing her Poppy Linen Shirred Top - Red and Audrey Linen Shorts - Nickel.   

Happy New Year

Well we had a fantastic Spring Summer 2012 season here at Little Chillies and we are looking forward to many new and exciting happenings in 2013, including the launch of our new website and ladies collection 'Holly Oak'.    We are very excited for 2013, BRING IT ON! 

Jo @ LC.