Saturday, May 18, 2013

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Vrooom Vrooom

Is the need for speed genetic?  

Yes, the Little Chillies family are a little car crazy, in particular, for F1 motor sport.  With daddy Chilli a frequent amateur to the race track, one might argue 'for' the environmental influences that may play a part in their enjoyment of speedy cars.  I however, see a tiny green gremlin behind their eyes when the adrenaline is high and am convinced that it's part of their biological make up.

Amélie below, off for a drive wearing a perfectly comfortable and safe Motorsport outfit consisting of a Little Chillies 100% cotton knitted dress in grey melange and 100% organic cotton red striped stockings (almost in stock!).   Despite our years of patriotic Aussie supporting (go Webber!) Amélie is clearly batting for the wrong team below.

Disappointed, Oliver (18mths) too young to drive, had to watch from the side lines this time, with the green gremlin flickering behind those big blues.     

In actual fact, an Easter Sunday spent at Fun Fields Park in Whittlesea was a good source of fun and great for getting some adrenaline and energy out of the kids.  You can't go there expecting Disney Land or anything of the like, but for a brief moment of cheap thrills.   It's great for parents of young children, after a week of sleepless nights (care of molar teething and toilet runs), we had our first full nights sleep in a long time ;-)  Unfortunately, miserable weather meant that on Easter Sunday we didn't take the bathers and enjoy the water slides.  Saving that one up for our return on a warm summers day! 

Tip for those feeling the need to drive the dodgem cars, avoid the light blue car at all costs and go the black/navy car.......!  

Happy Easter!

LC Family

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Autumn is on it's way!


We thank our customers for their patience as our current website remains outdated.  Behind the scenes we have been working on a fresh new website which will be launched very soon :-)  Our Winter 2013 launch will co-incide with the new website launch!   For now, just some sneak peek pics below.

Melbournian Weather Confusion?

Although you would think that we are used to four seasons in one day, us Melbournians might be having a little 'seasonal confusion' today.  We have had an amazing stretch of fantastic weather for a good few weeks now (30+), with little fluctuation.  Apologies Queenslanders I think we stole your catch phrase "beautiful one day perfect the next" at least for a couple of months.   For those of us who crave our vitamin D and the warm and fuzzies from the sun, February and March has felt like a true summer :-)  I marvelled constantly through this period about not having to analyse the kids' bedroom temperature and check the weather bureau in order to choose the right weight of sleeping bag, or how many layers to put them in, or what clothes to wear the next day.....  I quite liked the consistency.  But suddenly, the temperature has plummeted and it's back to layering up.   The positive in today, is one lucky Little Chilli finally gets to test drive some of the winter 2013 samples and the new stock as it arrives.   Amélie wearing grey corduroy cuff pants, blossom peasant top and knitted cotton poncho/cape hooded cardigan, in stock now.  Oh, and don't forget a pair of red shoes by Chook Leaf.

More Winter 2013 sneak peeks:

Oliver wears organic baby leggings and organic long sleeve polo in Grey melange and red colour ways.

Amélie wears the the grey corduroy cuff pants with our signature wool blend fully lined poncho jacket - new and improved with internal press studs and a detachable Hood (as seen in Studio Bambini).

Kaijah wears the blossom peasant top and grey corduroy cuff pants.  

Milo wears with true style, the grey herringbone wool Blazer with V-neck grey melange cotton knitted jumper, linen white long sleeve shirt and grey corduroy pants. 

Amélie, Olive and Ella wear the three different colour ways of a super comfortable organic cotton dress (grey melange stripe, red stripe and grey stripe, respectively).  This dress has already been branded as the 'Kinder' dress by many mums!

Please Stay tuned for our New Website launch and many more winter goodies to come :-)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Boys Will Be Boys!

Boys, Dirt & the Great Outdoors.

I grew up with one of those hardcore rural Aussie type dads: falling somewhere between the Bush Tucker Man (Les Hiddens), Leyland Brothers (why can't I say it without singing the theme song!?), and with perfectly refined slang somewhat like Steve Irwin.  He loves the great outdoors, is an avid four wheel driver, travelling his own backyard, camping (the 'roughing it' way) and whether it be off an ocean jetty, on a peaceful sandbank of the Murray River, or from the shores of the rough ocean surf, he loves fishing.  It's been a very long time since camping with my dad, but in order to escape civilisation we decided to take the kids and briefly join him this year on his Christmas/New Year trip to 90 Mile Beach.    


OK mums of boys who say Little Chillies clothes are too nice to put on rough boys playing outside.....   we say let them look good while getting grubby  :-)    Routinely, my youngest Chilli (Ollie -15 months) sits at the back door and screams until he is let outside to play.   He simply loves being outside.   Perhaps it's in his genes, or perhaps he is just a boy.  Either way, we quickly discovered on our recent camping trip that he definitely LOVES playing in, and eating dirt......  Pictured below is Ollie wearing his name sake shirt - Oliver Linen Shirt -  Nickel. 

Fantastic Sea Shell Collection

Perfect summer day, searching through sea shells at 90 Mile Beach.  Amélie (& mummy) prefers beach sand over campsite dirt!  If you ever need to find a great collection of sea shells for art and craft, 90 Mile Beach has the most beautiful shells, we have quite a collection in the office now.   Below Amélie is wearing her Poppy Linen Shirred Top - Red and Audrey Linen Shorts - Nickel.   

Happy New Year

Well we had a fantastic Spring Summer 2012 season here at Little Chillies and we are looking forward to many new and exciting happenings in 2013, including the launch of our new website and ladies collection 'Holly Oak'.    We are very excited for 2013, BRING IT ON! 

Jo @ LC.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Visit our Cowes Pop-Up Shop on your Summer Holidays!

Where are you heading for the Summer Holidays?

If you're off down the South Eastern Coast of Victoria, make sure you visit Cowes!  A Little Chillies friend has recently made a sea change and moved to this pretty little coastal area.  For the holiday period, our friends at Ellani Petite will be running the Pop Up Shop: Petite Collections, full of loads of beautiful things for little people.    See Brochure below for more info.

If you didn't intend on holidaying in Cowes, head down with the family for a day trip.  Approximately an hour and half from melbourne there are plenty of activities on Philip Island.  See the iconic Penguins, go check out the seals (boat cruise required), and there is always 'A Maze'N Things' guaranteed to be a hit with the kids. 

Little Chillies Summer Holiday Break

Little Chillies are heading further down the East coast and going bush!  Please don't be disappointed if we don't answer any queries between Christmas Day and New Years Day, as we are off duty!  No internet, no phones: just a tent, ants, sand flies, mozzi's, sand in our toes, the sound of waves and good company :-)

We will return to civilisation, refreshed and ready to go, in the first week of the New Year.

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pop Up Store in Prahran.

Pop up Store High Street Prahran 2 weeks only

Hello hello from Little Chillies!! You can find us at the sweetest pop up store from today till the 21st 
December. We are at 811 High Street, Prahran. If you have a free couple of hours this Thursday or Friday night, there will be a lovely chilled glass of Champagne to sip whilst you browse.  As well as peeking through our Little Chillies collection, you will also discover some gorgeous French vintage furniture, artwork, ceramics, flowers, Haveloch ladies wear, and girls hair accessories by Goody Gumdrops.

Mannequin is wearing Poppy linen dress in red.

Mannequins are wearing Audrey Dress in Beige & Navy.

Hope to see you there.

Love from

LC x 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

   We thought summer was here in Melbourne!!

Today Melbourne will reach a 'littlechilly' 17 degrees and Saturday is predicted to be a hot 37 degrees!! This is why we love unpredictable Melbourne.

Why not jump on line to our Little Chillies shop and take advantage of our Winter 2011 range at fabulous Sale prices.  But don't forget our gorgeous current Summer range for the hot weekend.

Poppy party dress available in Red & Dusty Blue

Cashmere/wool blend hooded Jacket available in Red Gingham or Red Poppy.
Audrey dress available in Red Gingham or Black check.

Enjoy the crazy weather

Love LC x