Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sister's Market

We finally made it to the markets! Our first one was the previous Saturday at Sister's Market in Brunswick. So lots of thanks to some friends, Katie and Bec, for helping us cut...cut....cut..... and my MIL Anne, for some button covering and hand sewing! Mum (Liz) and I sewed and sewed until the wee hours of the night to get our stock up for the market. Which in hindsight wasn't the brightest idea, as my immune system is now crushed, a lingering virus has taken over and 'Hello' chest infection.... Ugh. :-( Even the hubby was handy, building us all our gear for the markets (clothes racks, table, etc). What a champ.

Thanks to those who came to the market to visit us and see us in the flesh. It makes a difference being able to feel and see the fabrics. The Little Poppet Apron Dress seemed to be the most popular garment for the day and the African Safari shoes were also a winner.

Here's some pictures of us at Sister's Market.

We hope to see more of you at the next market - Mathilda's Market, Sunday 14th March, Hawthorn Town Hall.