Saturday, December 4, 2010

Changing Times, Kids In Style and Christmas SALE........

Well, we are gearing up for big changes at Little Chillies.......

Christmas Sale

Firstly...... After a little website neglect, we have finally updated our shop with all of our available products and are having a Christmas Sale - 20% off everything! :-) Bear with us while we update the pricing on the website (such a slow process!). Customers at our recent markets may have already noticed our sales! It's time to clear out the old and make way for the new, which leads us to the change......


Up until now, we have handcrafted very small quantities (a few items of this and that) and enjoyed making garments with a variety of beautiful quilting fabrics :-). But we are very excited about shifting our little hobby's direction and taking a business approach. Over the course of this year, Little Chillies has been working with a fantastic pattern maker in Sydney, sourcing our fabrics from local textile companies, started working with a local manufacturer in Melbourne, and are now finally entering the world of selling wholesale.


At present we have been handcrafting up to size 2. As of 2011, with the benefit of pattern maker grading and an external maker we will be extending our size range up to size 4 :-)

Kids In Style

Very excitingly (and similtaneously stressful ;-)) we will be attending our first trade fair in Sydney during Feb 2011, to show our first collection (Summer 2011) for wholesale. It's a little while yet before the customers get to see the new Little Chillies, but very soon we finally give the retailers a taste of what we have been brewing. We will finally feel like a real label!

Closing for Christmas Holidays

We will be closing down for Christmas for a two weeks over Christmas between 22nd December to the 9th January 2011. So if we don't respond to your emails during this period, we will get onto you as soon as we are back on the 10th January 2011.

Merry Christmas,
Little Chillies.