Thursday, September 16, 2010

Little Chillies Mumalicious Inspiration

Let me introduce you to Caroline Shearer (aka Mumalicious): registered and practicing midwife, pre/post natal educator, qualified personal trainer, and inspiring angel! Yes, I’m sure I can see little wings poking out in her picture ;-)

……when heavily pregnant sitting at my OBgyn’s office, I looked at a Mumalicious pamphlet on numerous occasions. Suffering from pelvic instability, I didn’t really know how to safely exercise and thought I should contact Caroline. Unfortunately, I chose chocolate and the couch, the easy way out! It wasn’t until I was six months post baby, that it occurred to me I wasn’t loosing the baby blubber, but in fact was gaining more! Huh? I had gained 30 kilos from my pre-pregnancy weight, Ugh! I had hit my ‘fat threshold’. The woman I saw staring back at me in the mirror was not the woman I identified with! So I called Caroline and went on the mumalicious journey.

Check Caroline helped with individual tailored exercises that suited my post-natal body.

Check I received personal training in the comfort of my own home (and yard!).

Check Caroline helped out with my baby while I worked out.

Check She provided tips for managing my new baby: sleeping, settling, feeding, etc.

Check She provided great encouragement and support for me as both a woman and mother.

But it was so much more than this.....

Little Chillies was starting up at the time I was training with Caroline. She watched it grow from my little shoe concepts and ideas, to roping my mother in to making matching outfits, to finally an actual business! She provided so much inspiration and encouragement to take it a step further and that Little Chillies was something special.

In light of our unique relationship with Caroline and Mumalicious, Little Chillies are offering a free pair of Little Chillies Shoes if you mention this article to Caroline and sign up to her personal training sessions within the next 6 months (offer ends 1st March 2011).

Little Chillies wants every pregnant woman and new mum to experience this inspiring angel :-)



  1. What an absolutely beautiful clothing label you have!! So glad I stumbled on to it and will be back to check the blog often!

    XX Kris @ Grow Photography