Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In Transition

Girls Spring Summer range 2010
Our photo shoot for our girls Spring/Summer 2010 will take place this Saturday. So you can look forward to viewing it online by the end of the month and becoming available to purchase by the end of August. Some of our range we have made available at the last couple of markets - but there is soooo much more :-)

Transition into External manufacturing - Girls Winter 2011
Our Girls Spring/Summer 2010 range will be our last hand crafted garment range. We are just too busy and need to pass off the responsibility to people who can keep up! And we have just found out that we are expecting a new little chilli, and I'm sure I'll be struggling to reach the sewing machine towards the end! We will continue to handcraft our existing ranges until sold-out. We will also continue to handcraft our shoes for a while longer, but are in the works of finding a maker for these also.

Our garment manufacturer is in Melbourne, so we will be sticking to supporting the local manufacturing industry. We are very excited to be taking this next step and look forward to seeing our products in more stores :-)

Let us know if you are a retailer interested in viewing our Winter 2011 Samples!

Jo & Liz.


  1. Good on you! There comes a point where you can't do it all yourself. I love your work

  2. The point has well and truly come! Thanks for the love ;-)