Monday, March 15, 2010

Mathilda's Market & Getting into the Media...

Just to start, thanks to all those who came down and supported Little Chillies at Mathilda's Market on Sunday. We had a great time and made great sales, and apparently it was a quiet day as far as Mathilda's Markets usually go! So we hope they keep having us back! Here is some pictures from Sunday. We are planning a little further dolling up of our stall - some white backdrops to stop too much visual distraction in the background, higher clothes rack so they don't get lost behind busy customers browsing though our clothes, and some more props..... basically white, white and little more white!

.....and remind me to try and be a little more artistic with the photography next time! ;-)

In the above picture, Liz in the back ground having her wake-up coffee after we set up our stall...

...and from the other side!

....and front on, displaying our antique pigeon hole cabinet with scrabble Little Chillies letters! The perfect display for our shoes, hair pins and small softy toys.


We have been doing our best to get our name out there and have been in the media a little lately. Thanks to a few blogs and websites that have given some of our products a mention also. In particular, Babybites in New Zealand wrote some very lovely words about our products! Check out their website. Kid independent has recently put a picture up of our French General overalls- - my favourite boys fabric!

One of our retailers Angelfish Dragonfly forwarded our Party Dress outfit to the February edition of 'My Child' magazine which was great. It's lovely to see your product end up in a magazine. See pictures:

Just in store now is 'Bambini Studio" magazine. There is a smaller book "Let's Shop Bambini" attached to the magazine. There is a little bit about Little Chillies in there on page 33. A very stylish magazine I must say - every coffee table should have one! Go get yourself a copy to see our pretty pictures :-)

That's all for now, back to the sewing machine to complete our extra orders from Mathilda's Market and get stuck into working on the patterns for our next range.......

Jo & Liz

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  1. Lovely Pics. It looks like a great market.
    The magazine article looks so pretty.